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Conducting field research – especially in the marine world- can be expensive. Hiring boats, paying for fuel, and spending hours out on the water is costly.

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The Killer Whale, Orcinus orca, is the apex predator of the ocean and one of the most charismatic cetaceans in the world- and yet we still know very little about  this population of orca here in Australian waters.

Project O.R.C.A. (Orca Research and Conservation Australia) has been conducting research on the killer whales found in Western Australia since 2014. Working in collaboration with CMST, Curtin University, this project adopts a multidisciplinary approach to investigate the distribution, abundance, bioacoustics and population dynamics of killer whales in Australian waters. Results from this study will provide pertinent data to address the population status of this species and deliver key scientific information for assisting management of Australian killer whales.


Why is the research important? 

Very little is known about killer whales in Australian waters. Their abundance, movements, ecology and population status are yet to be determined for the Australian population. An alarming statistic given their importance in the ecology as the top predator.

Killer whales are currently listed as ‘Data Deficient’ in Australia, meaning there is insufficient information to assign a conservation listing for the species. This ‘Data Deficient’ labelling then prevents this species from being categorized accordingly and properly assessed, meaning it also may prevent them from receiving the conservation attention they urgently require.

Why killer whales?

Well apart from the killer whales charisma, they also play a very important role in the ecology of the marine environment. Top-order or apex predators like killer whales are vital for keeping the ecosystems healthy. They help maintain balance, keep prey numbers in check and serve as a proxy for the health of the ecosystem.

Apex predators are key to the health of an ecosystem. Without them, everything gets out of balance, leading to cycles of population explosions and crashes.

We have witnessed some incredible moments of this apex predation in action- with our research team being the first in the world to observe  an active hunt and kill upon a beaked whale! Read more about this in our published paper here: Killer Whale (Orcinus orca) Predation on Beaked Whales (Mesoplodon spp.) in the Bremer Sub-Basin, Western Australia.

What we understand, we can protect.

Right now we know very little about the killer whales here in our Australian waters, and we need to obtain baseline data so we can get a basic understanding of their population status. Once we know more about these killer whales, we can help protect them and the environment they live in.

This important research will enable us to help preserve our marine system for future generations to enjoy.

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