Killer Whales of the Bremer Sub-Basin: A Photo-ID Catalogue

This catalogue presents photo-identification images collected since 2014 of killer whales sighted off Bremer Bay, Western Australia. This catalogue aims at creating a connection between science and the general public.

The ability to recognize an individual is of utmost importance for the study of the natural history of any animal species. Photo-identification is a non-invasive technique that has been used by scientists around the world since the 1970’s to study whale and dolphin populations.

The basis of photo-identification is that each animal within a population is unique and has certain physical characteristics and distinctive markings which distinguish it from other individuals. The killer whale’s dorsal fin is unique as a human’s fingerprint! Photo-identification helps obtain valuable information such as group structure, birth and survival rates, movement patterns and population size.

We are very grateful for photos donated to assist in building this catalogue. Connecting research and the general public creates a powerful tool for education. By contributing photographs to the project, people are contributing crucial information to this study. Citizen science is the key!

We are continuously collecting images to add to our ever-growing database and collaborate with colleagues. Should anybody have any sighting information or images they would like to donate, please email

The PDF can be viewed or downloaded here from CMST webpage:

Before you download the catalogue, here are some of the most well-known killer whales from the Bremer Region, in southern Western Australia.